The magic of May in Ischia

Era de Maggio” is one of the most famous Neapolitan songs, which speaks of a love that returns in the month of roses, cherries and fragrant gardens. Salvatore Di Giacomo rightly chooses the height of spring as the backdrop for a passion that is always renewed, when the long days full of light enhance the incomparable spectacle of nature awakening.

What better place to enjoy it than the paradise of colors par excellence of Ischia, La Mortella botanical garden, where you are surrounded not only by peonies, roses, calla lilies, hydrangeas, wisterias, but also by astonishing tropical varieties, such as the protea, perfectly acclimatized in this corner with an exceptional microclimate.

And the same bay is also colored by the fireworks in honor of Santa Restituta, patron saint of the small town of Lacco Ameno, celebrated on May 17th. Processions by sea and by land are a moving moment of recollection for the entire island, which often involves enchanted tourists.

The variety of colors of the gardens and festivals contrasts with the intense yellow blanket that the broom spreads over the southern hills of Ischia. This famous shrub is even given a festival on the first Sunday of June, organized by the folk group ‘Ndrezzata from the village of Buonopane. The best opportunity to explore the paths is naturally «Andar per sentieri«, the May event which is the «twin» of the more famous «Andar per cantine», which takes place in the second week of September.

Sunrises and sunsets are the magical moments of every day on an island and in the height of spring true spectacle is guaranteed. An unforgettable day begins with sunrise in Ischia Ponte, with the Aragonese Castle wrapped in a pink cloak, and ends with sunset at the Soccorso Church in Forio, where you may happen to witness the famous green ray, an optical refraction phenomenon that occurs when the sun disappears into the sea below the horizon line.

The satisfaction of all senses naturally ends at the table, with the unique flavors that the volcanic soil gives to the vegetables of this period. Ever tasted Libera’s artichoke parmigiana?
We are waiting for you in Ischia to try it…

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