Is thermal water good for children?

Going to the SPA with children: in Ischia even babies can enjoy the benefits of thermal water. Did you know that it is really good for their health?

When you have babies, you always worry about their health and, when you plan a trip, you try gather all information necessary not to be caught off guard by something unexpected. You can combine leisure and your children’s wellness: do you know about the positive effects of thermal water for children’s health?

Not only thermal water is beneficial for everyone, but thermal water treatments are even recommended for children, if they suffer from allergies, chronic otitis, recurrent tonsillitis, recurrent bronchitis, asthma and all kinds of chronic respiratory diseases.

Among the numerous scientific papers, a recent one by Federico II University in Naples on Ischia’s thermal water has highlighted the extraordinary effectiveness of nasal washes on children affacted by allergic rhinitis.

Obviously, prevention gives the best results: all surveys show that children who annually undergo a cycle of thermal water therapies, as nasal washes, aerosols or inhalations, have a stronger immune system. Diseases affect them less often and, even if they appear, symptoms are considerably milder and tolerable. The risk of relapses for asthmatic (and non asthmatic) children decreases.

In Ischia you can grant yourself a few days to recharge and make the best gift to your children: a winter-proof immune system!


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