The thermal pools and the benefits for the body

When summer knocks at your door, you know you recharge your batteries going on a hard-won holiday. However, sometimes you have to wait until past the peak of the season to take a break. Choose the warmth of September and Ischia to regenerate the mind and the body.

Ischia is the best destination for an unforgettable holiday with its breathtaking vistas, many historical sites and monuments, typical cuisine of land and seafood delicacies, and choice of attractions and getaways to Naples and other nearby destinations. Enjoying the benefits of thermal baths is perhaps the more enticing promise of your stay on the Green Isle. There is nowhere better than Continental SPA to do just that.

Surrounded by a lush natural park, Continental is the ideal destination for a wellness holiday. After a day at the pool, the gym, or the tennis court, let the skilled staff of the SPA pamper you. Our treatments are simply addictive!

The waters of the Tifeo spring flow into the SPA’s thermal pools and six regular pools, including the two covered ones. The unique dimensions, atmosphere, and temperature of each pool make for a pleasing thermal experience.

Lush vegetation surrounds the outdoor pools. Enjoy the sun bathing in the Tifeo pool at a temperature of 30°C, or having a long swim in the Olympic pool (28°C). The thermal waters falling from built-in steps provide a soft natural massage for visitors of the Waterfall pool (32°C).

The high temperature of the two indoor pools has greatly beneficial effects. The Tropical pool (34°C) is placed inside a spectacular greenhouse recreating a Caribbean environment of luxuriant flowers, plants, and vines. The waterfall, massaging jets, and 37°C of the Therapeutic pool heal any pain, contracture, and fatigue.

A thermal bath helps the organism to absorb the therapeutic and stimulating properties of the water. Thermal water bolsters cellular metabolism, blood flow, and has a positive effect on the state of the muscles, articulation, and skin. And if, as the saying goes, “a sound mind in a sound body”, certainly a thermal bath and the treatments administered by a team of skilled professionals can only guarantee that you achieve psychological and physical well-being.

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