Spa and Wellness

Ischia is the ideal place to regenerate

The ancient Greeks and the Romans already knew the therapeutic power of the thermal waters of Ischia, as proven by some bas-reliefs and other archaeological finds, as well as by the writings of Pliny, Suetonius and Strabo. The thermal practice has been developing more and more over the centuries and is now widely scientifically proven. The formation process is long and fascinating: sea and rain water, penetrating the subsoil through cracks and permeable layers, reaches compact layers forming aquifers, which absorb from the magma below the island mineral elements, gas and heat. The benefits manifest themselves with an anti-inflammatory, analgesic and relaxing action on the skeletal-muscular apparatus; astringent, antibacterial, cleansing and toning action on the skin; mucolytic and anti-inflammatory action on the respiratory system; stimulant action for the immune and the endocrine systems. Thanks to its absorbing power, clay is the ideal vehicle to transmit the precious therapeutic substances contained in thermal water via osmosis through our skin, as well as to free our body from bacteria, toxins and purines facilitating their expulsion. In our spas health goes along with beauty, because the beneficial effects of water are combined with fitness and cosmetics. The specific qualities of masks and wraps with Mediterranean vegetables and marine extracts are expolited in order to nourish our skin, make it more toned, relax it and elasticize it, restore brightness and counteract water retention. Furthermore each of our hotels offers thermal water pools of different sizes and temperatures, expertly placed in the most evocative contexts, from lush gardens to flowering greenhouses or typical caves, in order to allow the association fo self-care with the deep pleasure of relaxation.

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