Our island

Rock in golden light

This verse of the song “Ischia mia”, composed by the famous prince of Italian comedy Antonio De Curtis (Totò), perfectly expresses the charm instilled by our island. Emotion experienced and sublimated in numerous works by many other artists, who have visited it without interruption from the beginning of the last century to the present day.

The harmony of the landscapes, the sweetness of the climate, the magic of thermal water are accompanied by a rich history, due to its position at the crossroads of the Mediterranean. Impressive marks have been left by the various civilizations: from the Greek-Roman remains to the monumental Aragonese Castle, from the magnificent churches to the fascinating towers which stand out against the typical fishing and peasant villages with their pastel-colored houses. As well as deeply rooted traditions, charmingly associated with everyday life.

Worthy complement of such grace is Ischitan cuisine, rich and poor, with sea and land ingredients, keeping their natural flavours separate from one another while enhancing their freshness and authenticity. Let us not forget moreover the warmth of the people who convey the joy of living through the local food.

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