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With its white beaches alternating with high volcanic rocks diving into the sea, with its hills either covered by shady pinewoods and fresh chestnut woods or cultivated with highly esteemed vineyards and fragrant citrus groves, with its thermal water springs, which have been delivering wellness for centuries, Ischia still preserves the charm of when in the past century the french writer Lamartine wrote: “Seeing this island for the first time, it seemed to me as though it were swimming in light, rising from the sea, losing itself in the blue sky, born from the dream of a poet in the light sleep of a summer night.
Set in locations of unique beauty our hotels are grown from their surroundings, offering the ideal setting to restore and unwind, and the opportunity to experience our island in its truest sense. Over the centuries thousands of illustrious voices have been witness to the seduction, the incomparable atmosphere and the exciting views that Ischia has to offer. We hope that you too want to enjoy this island and look forward to welcoming you for an unforgettable stay.

Spa and Wellness

The subsoil of Ischia hides one of the biggest concentrations of hot springs in Europe, whose therapeutic use dates back to ancient times. The charm of natural healing treatments immersed in a wonderful surrounding has always attracted the attention of travellers. In order to care after health and beauty together, our spas combine the beneficials effects of water with fitness and cosmetics, carefully using the remedies offered by our rich flora.

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Meetings and Events

Choosing our island as meeting place will give your event a very special prestige, offering to participants the opportunity to combine work with a short holiday of sun, sea and wellness with the added value that only an enchanting place like Ischia can give.

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The harmony of the landscapes, the sweetness of the climate, the magic of thermal water are accompanied by a rich history, which has left impressive marks, as well as traditions still strongly felt. Worthy complement of such grace is Ischitan cuisine, without forgetting the warmth of the people who convey the joy of living through the local food.

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As with all sites linked to Greek civilization, an unusual density of stories overlaps the geography of places in Ischia, helping those who live them to develop those mental and emotional maps that turn into an indissoluble link with our island.

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