The perfect holiday: ever considered visiting Ischia?

The Green Isle is the best destination if you seek wellness and relax. Ischia won’t just offer you a holiday; it will be an unforgivable experience. What can you do on this thermal heaven?

Ischia has always been a top destination of thermal tourism, but there is more to it than hot springs and geysers. You will find that stopping on the Green Isle on holiday (or work) can turn into an unforgivable adventure that will stay with you long after leaving. Here are a few suggestions on how to make the most of your stay.

Relax in a spa

Visiting Ischia and not enjoying its beneficial waters and refreshing spa treatments is simply a sin. Thanks to its volcanic origins, the island is a very special place to take a break from the routine and regenerate your body and mind. Here you can enjoy classic thermal treatments, as well as sophisticated massages in renowned spa centers. The island also boasts thermal and nature parks.

Go on a wine tour

Ischia’s enological history began a long time ago. The Greeks imported wine and vineyards to Ischia when they grasped the unique properties of the island’s soil. Greek methods continue to influence cultivation and are responsible of the qualities and typical taste of the local production. Ischia’s white wines are the perfect match for fish dishes. Its robust red wines simply must accompany a meal of cold cuts. It is not by chance that the famous Nestor’s Cup is kept in a museum on the island: “Nestor’s cup I am, good to drink from/Whoever drinks from this cup, him straightaway the desire of beautiful-crowned Aphrodite will seize”.

Discover its wonderful sea

The tumultuous geological history that generated the fascinating and mysterious bottoms of the Mediterranean sea makes Ischia a great scuba-diving destination. A large portion of its waters is part of the “Nettuno” Marine Reserve, home to some authentically fascinating flora and fauna. For an exciting encounter with underwater life head to the cliff in Sant’Angelo and the Formiche shallows.

This is but a small portion of the adventures awaiting tourists. Hop on the first ferry for a full tour of the Green Isle.

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