Ischia and wines: a timeless love story

Visiting Ischia also means enjoying the pleasure of a good glass of local wine. To really appreciate it, however, to taste the flavor is not enough: here it is what you should do.

Among the green island’s many advantages, there’s the one to be land of the best vineyards, known since ancient times for the wine’s intense and unmistakable flavor given by the fertile volcanic soil. To really appreciate a sip of wine, the ability to savor it is not enough: it’s an experience that relates to all five senses.

Hearing is the beginning of pleasure

At first glance it may seem that wine and hearing have little in common. Actually, the first contact with the wine is the different sound – depending on the type – of the bottle being uncorked: this is where a sensory journey through Ischia’s flavors, scents and colors begins.

Never lose sight of the pleasure

Sight is the sense that we use the most and yet sometimes, inexplicably, we forget to observe. Stop and look color, intensity, transparency, fluidity of your glass of wine: this is the second decisive step of this journey.

Feeling to imagine

There’s one final step, before you can taste the contents of that glass that you hold in your hands. Approach the cup and let the smell of wine intoxicate and conquer you mind: you will be able to imagine the taste.

The surprise for the senses

Enjoying a sip of wine is not only about tasting it. Try to sense the texture, the temperature, the aftertaste. Focus on tactil sensations, on the wine’s movement between the tongue and palate. Get carried away by all the feelings without reserve means being able to really enjoy a good glass of white or red wine.

The experience is better than imagination

After you listend, looked, smelled and touched, taste will turn out in all its fullness. So the wine of this beautiful land will possibly be even better than you imagined.

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